Sunday, 15 November 2015

5th Gebirgsjäger - Month 2

The first month of this campaign was one of mixed fortunes for me with one win and one loss.  The first game was fairly successful (possibly in part due to a slight misreading of the sniper rules in my favour) but my troops were quite static.  In the second game, against Tom's yanks, the all infantry list seriously suffered for it's lack of mobility. I had barely made it half way to the objective before the american CO had bravely sprinted off the board with the intelligence!

To help deal with this, the first on the list for month two was a truck to carry my smg armed assault squad up field quickly.  With a transport capacity of twelve I can also fit in a weapon team and/or the CO if needed.

The rest of my choices are there to let me try out some new things: an HMG team can lay covering fire more efficiently than my expensive infantry squads, a 105mm LG40 recoilless rifle gives me some artillery support, and a panzerfaust team should be able to deal with any armour that pops up,

I also added some armoured support of my own.  A little research revealed that the 5th were equipped with a batallion of captured Italain Semovente's.  One of these (the 75/18 variant) quickly made it into my list.  It mounts a medium howitzer, so combined with the LG 40 I should have a good amount of artillery and light anti armour capability as required.

The few points left over were used to top up the smallest infantry squad with a couple of extra men.

But the stars of the show have to be... the pack mules!  These are not in my list at the moment, but I couldn't resist making up a couple for decoration (I can't really see the point of them in game to be honest!). They are Peter pig horses with green stuff baggage.


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