Friday, 13 November 2015

TV-Show: Cosmic Patrol - Pilot Episode - Season 1

Ep. #
Directed By
Date Aired
Comet of Mystery
Darren Hardy
Jon C
Tom Clover

Jon – Captain Cody Carragher
Tom  - William “Bat-Ears”  Bradley
Darren – Audrey Orion
Michael – M34 - Bel
Ed – Professor Yawitz

The Crew of the Atomic Annie are on a desperate mission to intercept a mysterious comet but before they can get there they have to deal with a rogue kill bot bought on board by their own intelligence agent Audrey Orion. Bumbling Venusian Professor Yawitz suffers a transporter tube accident and can’t tell left from right. Audrey and Bat- Ears mange to switch the kill bot from kill to dance setting and Yawitz shoots the ships cat by accident.

Captain Carragher “heroically” auto pilots the ship past some comet debris but once they reach the comet they find it crawling with Space Pirates! The crew dispatch special envoy M34-Bel in the hope he can talk the pirates into surrender (or the pirates will get rid of M34-Bel for them) while they develop a sun cream strong enough to block out the intense solar radiation coming from the comet.

M34-Bel discovers the Space Pirates are equally blessed with their own alien envoy and finds a kindred spirit, but when contact is lost with the ship Captain Carragher decides to storm the comet….

As the comet disintegrates under the Atomic Annie’s Hyper-Drill, the Captain manages to convince the pirates to surrender and the crew escape using Audrey’s Phasic Reality Distorter.

Guest Stars: Peter Lore as the Alien Envoy and Slim Pickens as Pirate Captain Grimtitz

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  1. 'Unmissable, indescribable... A classic' - Novelty Sci-Fi Monthly (3 Stars)