Friday, 25 April 2014

Hit the Crapper

At Salute this year I bought 2 MDF kits from 4 Ground. One for a Wooden WC and  Rogans Bar  (I figure every bar is going to need a WC after serving all that beer).

Whilst I was painting up my Lawmen today thought I'd have a go at the WC kit to see how it went together.

Really impressed with the kit, pieces pop out easily and fit together perfectly.

Can't the Law take a crap in peace, get outta here boy!

Detail is crisp and the removable "broken" sections are nice

Looking forward to building the bar next.

The Law comes to Schmidt Creek

Schmidt Creek Sheriffs Office 

Wide Earp 
Sheriff, Pistol, Rep 6

Doc Bank Holliday
Deputy, Pistol, Rep 2

Henry "Boot" Hill
Deputy, Rifle, Rep 2

Monday, 21 April 2014

I am the Law...

...No not Judge Dredd (the miniatures are too fuggly), but a Lawman for the Wild West Skirmish Dead Mans Hand.

Figure is from Great Escape Games (publishers of Dead Mans Hand).

Took about an hour and was fun to paint, looking forward to painting the next 6 (and knowing there are only 6 to do).