Monday, 24 February 2014

Dreadball Space Cadets League: Round 3 Results and Round 4 Fixtures

Dreadball Space Cadets League: Round 3 Results and Round 4 Fixtures

In a change to the posted schedule neither the Green Hornets nor the New Ork Giants could play last week so instead the following matches were played...

Results: 20 February 2014
Thunder Mountain Hoarders 1, Human League 0
New England Rat-Riots 6 Ben's Robots 0

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Next Games: 26 February 2014

Green Hornets Vs Thunder Mountain Hoarders Human League Vs New Ork Giants
 New England Rat-Riots(Box Wallah)
Ben's Robots (Rebooting)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Dreadball League: Round 2

Dreadball Space Cadets League: Round 2

Welcome back after the Winterlude break Sports Fans! 

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Next Games: 20 February 2014

Green Hornets Vs Thunder Mountain Hoarders
Human League Vs Ben's Robots

"Special" Event: Apocalypse Losers Challenge  Cup

New England Rat-Riots Vs New Ork Giants

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bolt Action Burma 1944

So after our Burma Firefight game we switched up the carnage from patrol to reinforced platoon and cracked out Bolt Action.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Burma Firefight

Saturday saw some of the guys get together to play Warwick Kinrade's Normandy Firefight skirmish rule set. Originally we were going to play one guy each but due to a few drop outs and late starters there was just the four of us so we rolled up a couple of guys each.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

You're in the Jungle Baby!

More Jungle Scenery completed tonight. 16 Bases!

Here's the entire collection, easily fills a 3 x 3 space.

More photos after the games Saturday

Happy Birthday Projects!

Happy Birthday Kursk scenery project!

Just over a year to complete five rocky out crops and a modular river system.

The first post about the rocks was back on 22 January 2013 the river sections were born a little later.

Haven't put static grass on yet as I'm thinking they will get a run out in the desert, also plan to finish the brown river off with some water effect, so technically they are not finished yet and we could be reposting these pieces again next year LOL.

All standard hobby stuff, MDF bases and scrounged up insulation foam from builders skips, coated with pollyfiller and then textured. Will stick some more photos up when we use them in the Bolt Action game this weekend.