Thursday, 4 December 2014

TIE Swarm in Action

2 games 1 win 1 loss. Loss went to last 5 minutes and win was convincing with 5 TIEs left active and opponent conceding with just a damaged Ptype pilot left.

Lots of dial spinning required
Good fun to play
Not that much green on the dial to mitigate K turn stress
No 1 bank or 1 forward, found myself idly looking for this several times!
Hard for opponent to take down the TIEs quickly
Need to prioritize high value targets, lost the first cause Keyan Farlander managed to stay alive
Not too hard to maneuver as a group
Watch out for asteroid placement and where that turn into combat is going to take place.
Play the long game, TIEs win by accruing lots of small damage on ships
Great fun blocking with 1 turn

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

X Wing Tie Swarm

Here's the Tie Swarm list I intend to fly down the local club tonight. Will do a follow up post as to how it gets on.

  • Howlrunner is a no brainer
  • Threw in Mauler as he brings an extra Red at range 1 
  • Avoided any upgrades so i can concentrate on crashing them into each other without worrying about using upgrades
  • Plan is to deploy 3 APs up front and have Howlie and Mauler and 4th AP in the second line
  • Backstabber is my flanker
  • 99 Points so it has a stab at initiative (could just throw Vet Instincts on Howl)