Sunday, 13 March 2016

Batman Begins: Cargo ship completed

The MSV Ironsides build is complete!

Great value for money, it's 75cm long with 6 cargo containers, a radioactive material container and a couple of small box crates. 

Quality is very good parts were easy to pop out and there was only a little bit of filing on a couple of items to get a good fit. Parts are well planned and fix together for glueing without the need to clamp or deploy rubber bands. Build was a leisurely day and nights work.

Nice detail in the cabin.

The wheel turns and the lever and control panel detailing is nice.

Simple kit highly recommended, can be purchased from TT Combat here

Whilst I was building the cargo ship I busted out some lamp posts from Knight Models.

Quality of the cut on these was not as good (laser had not cut all the way through on some parts) and 2 were lost to wastage. They were however cheap and I got 6 out of 8 which is enough for BMG.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Batman Begins: ahoy there mateys!

Some WIP shots of TT Combats MSV Ironsides alongside the test dockside wall

Very nice kit.

Mr Messy is pleased.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Batman (Board) Begins

New project time, a three by three foot board for the Batman Miniatures Game (BMG). The board will also be used for Infinity, Marvel, Zombie Post Apoc, Moderns and any near future stuff.

The first board is going to be down the docks and for extra challenge is going to be laid out diagonally.

The centrepiece of the board will be the MSV Ironsides model by TT Combat. That will sit across the board in a rectangular dock. One side will probably have a stone wall the other will be faced with wood.

Rather than churning out area terrain to quickly get a game going this time the main aim is to take a little longer over the details so this is a test piece before starting on the real thing.