Saturday, 27 July 2013

Countdown to Kursk 00 Hours

So here is the final update in the countdown to Kursk series, and coming at ya on the day of the game pre set up.

I could have put this out on Thursday but was out in the evening (Warhammer Fantasy Role Play) and then out with my partner Friday night for movie and dinner and just couldn't find the time.

In case you were interested the movie was the new Wright, Peg and Frost Worlds End and dinner at Cau it's a Steak House.....

Anyway here are some shots of the finished (bar some transfers) models and a group shot of the entire battlegroup ready for deployment..

After sitting on my arse for ages I didn't think I would manage to get as much done as I have so yay me! ;0)

This means that aside from some Infantry Guns and a couple of other bits and pieces my mid war Eastern front Germans are done and I can concentrate on finishing up the terrain for the next game.

Thank you to Itinerant Hobbyist for the encouraging comments throughout this mini series of posts!

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  1. It's my pleasure to encourage. It feels good to get a couple of armies complete. They look great.