Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bolt Action: Japanese Infantry take 2

Another bunch of IJA finished.

This time I painted their uniforms in Vallejo Khaki.

 Some photos of how they turned out and some group shots mixed in with the first batch painted in Vallejo Japanese Uniform.

The final 9 will feature a mix of jackets in Japanese Uniform and Khaki trousers to help blend the two types together.

Not sure if I will continue with the two tones  throughout the army or settle on one (or end up trying a different shade).

The models are certainly painting up quite quickly which is nice.

I was a bit concerned when I started this project if I still had the patience to paint a lot of 25mm figures.

Admittedly the technique is very basic but when you're going to have to do 60+ minis that's the way it's got to be.

Once the next batch is done, I'll have finished my first box of Warlord plastics and I can get the Chi-Ha on the table for a little relief from painting guys

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