Saturday, 27 October 2012

Death Guard: Quick and Dirty

So with the new Chaos Dex out it's time to dust off the Death Guard (fluff wise you should probably dust of the Thousand Sons ;0).

Haven't painted any DG since before Jake was born. I can't remember the paint scheme (plus my skills have increased a bit) so time to find a new recipe.

Here's my first attempt...

Liberal coat of GW Skarsnik Green.
Dry-brush of GW Nurgling Green.
Vallejo Beige Red for the skin bits and Vallejo Oily Steel, GW Evil Sunz Scarlet
GW Agrax Earth Shade, then everything gets a highlight. Bit of Bestial Brown dry-brushing and then another Shade with Agrax.

One of the few metal minis I have left unpainted. Don't think this flamer model is available through GW atm, even in a fine cast version which is a pity.

He looks a bit minty but I'm pretty pleased with the end result so will probably use it again. I'm looking at the first squad of DG I painted and there's definitely room for improvement so maybe they will get stripped and repainted, talking of which...

I now have 7 old metal chaos war hounds that I shall be fielding as Spawn. Picked 5 up from Troll Trader and had 2 of my own. My 2 were painted OKish and the ones from TT slightly less well, so they are all having a nice bath in Detol and will get some love and attention. Might even be time to get the green stuff out again.

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