Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Look Sir...Zoids

Here's my latest edition for Papa Nurgles Boys. Model was bought already built with the nice standing up pose by Andy (Sons of War) and then I did a minor bit of green stuff, some fine sand super glued on for texture and drilled some holes before painting. Found some old water effect and did a puddle/barrel just to break up the big base a bit

Really happy with the results hardly used any washes at all cept on the flesh parts.

If I have time to come back to it I'd like to convert the lasher tendrils and use them as an ammo feed for the cannon.


  1. Hey Darren, looks really nice mate.. look forward to seeing it in all its dirty dinobot glory at the club!

    You need another dude for it's mate! Dinobots are a team! Even nasty Nurgle ones..

    Paint job looks class.. Might catch you tonight.

  2. Thanks Ven, unfortunately won't be at the club tonight but will catch you soon.