Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kampfgruppe Kursk

Here's a shot of my battle group so far. Had a bit of trepidation unpacking these, couldn't remember how well I had managed to paint these five years ago but the results are pretty good (some of the free hand leaves a bit to be desired will use transfers in future). Have some more stuff I need to base and paint up.
All figures are 10mm Pendraken
Here's the CO planning the operation
Infantry disembark from their half tracks,
I think they should really be less blue and more grey, but I hate hate painting grey  

Heavy Machine Gun stands
Pak 40
Wespe SPA
Panzer IV and Tiger
Sdkfz 222


  1. What size are your bases? Nice looking btw.

  2. Thanks Itinerant. We use 25 x 50mm for infantry and transports. 30 x 50 for tanks and the self propelled arty. 40 x 40 for HQs and ATGs and 50 x 50 for the CO.