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Sinelnikovo, the Ukraine, 21 February 1943

“The Russians have crossed the Donetz in force tearing a 100 kilometer gap in the German line. Strong armored spearheads are heading south and south-west to cut off the Dnieper crossings and, with them the whole of Army Group South.

Manstein plans to launch his now famous “back hand blow”. But while the Panzers ride to glory, someone has to stop the 23rd Tank Corps before they overrun Manstein’s HQ. That someone is the 15th Infantry division. Still on the train from France, instead of disembarking at Dnieproprtrovsk, they are ordered straight into Sinelnikovo and disembark fighting to take back the town from Russian recon elements already there. Having done that, they are now taking up blocking positions to wait for 23rd Tank Corps."

Where the Iron Crosses Grow-Hans H Johannsen

Russian 23rd Tank Corps

3rd Tank Brigade

Battalion Headquarters
CO Stand (CV8)                       [90]

1st Tank Company

4-T34-76, mid                        [540]

2nd Tank Company

4-T34-76, mid                        [540]

SMG Company (Tank Riders)

3-SMG Stands                         [165]

Motorized Rifle Battalion

Battalion Headquarters
HQ Stand (CV8)                       [60]

1-BA 64 Armored Car                  [55]

Infantry Company

3-Rifle Stands(Regular)/Trucks       [180]

Infantry Company
3-Rifle Stands(Regular)/Trucks       [180]

Infantry Support Unit

1-82mm Mortar/Truck                  [95] 

Infantry Support Unit

1-IG 76mm Infantry Gun/Truck         [80]

Infantry Support Unit
1-Maxim Machine Gun/Truck            [60]

Total [2045]

German 15th Infantry Division

Grenadier Regiment 88

Regimental Head Quarters
CO Stand (CV10)                       [150]

Regimental Anti-Tank Company        
3-PAK-40/Trucks                       [375]

Infantry Battalion
Battalion Head Quarters
HQ Stand  (CV9)                       [90]

Infantry Company 
3-Rifle Stands                        [120]

Infantry Company 
3-Rifle Stands                        [120]

Infantry Company 
3-Rifle Stands                        [120]

Machine Gun Company
2-HMG Stands                          [80]
1-81mm Mortar Stand                   [90]

Light Artillery Battalion
1-FAO (CV8)                           [45]
2-105mm Howitzer                      [90]

Hasty Field Defences

3-Gun Pits [ATGs]                     [30]
6 Trench                              [30]

Total [1340]


Germans deploy their Command Units within 20cm of the table edge.
Russians place each Command Unit anywhere along their table baseline touching the edge of the table. Germans then place all their units within 20cms of their command units. During the Russian Command Phase, make one roll for each command unit. If that roll is sucessful all the units in that formation may make one full move onto the table measured from the command unit. The Russian player may then make sucessive command rolls to issue orders to that formation as normal before moving onto the next command unit. All Russian command units can move onto the table at the end of the command phase as normal except those that failed to bring units onto the table.

Game Length

12 Turns


Russian player must exit 6 Stands (inc 1 command stand) off the Southern edge of the map.

If this is completed on or before turn 12 it is a minor victory if it is done on or before turn 8 it is a major victory to the Russians.

The German Player wins a major victory if he stops the Russian player from achieving his objective.

Breaking the opponents formation will also be a major victory for either side.


This scenario has been re-purposed for Blitzkrieg Commander from Hans Johannsen's Excellent Eastern Front Scenario book "Where the Iron Crosses Grow" for the Spearhead WWII rules. Have taken some liberty with the orders of battle. Not sure how it will work as infantry in Spearhead has some AT punch where they don't in BC, which may leave the Germans at a considerable disadvantage holding off the T34's, I suspect they need to play this one a bit cagey. 

Anyway this first game is just for fun, and (re)learning the rules so hope we will return to this one and rebalance forces or maybe cut down the number of turns the Russians have to complete the mission later. Has certainly been a fun exercise in pulling together.

We are down to play on Wednesday, battle report to follow.

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