Monday, 15 July 2013

Countdown to Kursk

So we have a day set for the next game (27th of July) which has finally sparked some furious modeling (nothing like a deadline to get you motivated).

Lots of bags of Pendraken figs
 Basically I have to get to the table 2 Tigers, 3 PZIV, 2 SDKFZ 251/1, 3 Pioneer Platoons, 1 Stug Battalion HQ, 2 Stug, 2 105mm Howitzers, 1 Nebelwerfer, 1 Panther HQ, 3 Panthers, 1 Stuka, 1 the 27th

 To stay motivated with this blog as well I'm going to do some short posts to log the progress.

 Trying to put a bit more effort into doing little dioramas on the bases this time.
HQ Stand for Panther Battalion


  1. Keep it up. I just posted a short video of my Germans - wasn't much to show, but it keeps me accountable. And hopefully encourages someone to do a little modelling everyday.

  2. Thanks Itinerant, really enjoyed your post on "Fellow Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters - You are Forgiven!".

    I always get a little guilty over how much I buy/aim to achieve and how much I actually get done.