Thursday, 17 September 2015

Bolt Action 15mm Escalation League

Each month the target is to complete 500pts of Bolt Action Minis in 15mm.

1pt if based and painted
1pt getting a game in
1pt for at least a single related blog post on progress, research, after action report, list building, hobby, scenery etc (That's me sorted for month one then bitches!)

You can field a single platoon for every 1000 points.
Each platoon must include a platoon HQ and 2 Rifle Squads
If you include more than one platoon then you must include a company HQ

Lists are chosen from the basic BA selector with FOW lists for Italy used to dictate equipment and general organization.

Units can be chosen from the above based on a time frame of Sep 43 (mid war) to Jun 44 (late war)

No vehicle over DEF 8, Forward Air Observers or Forward Artillery Observers in the first 500 points.

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