Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blood Angels Raven Wheels 1750

The plan for this blog is to write a list, model it, paint it, play it and blog on each step.

I recently bought a Storm Raven and having trotted it out in some trial 1000pt games with some Haminators it was real fun so that's going in, plus lets bung in Corbulo for a laugh. With Corbulos 2+fnp and wound allocation antics in 6th they should hopefully be bloody difficult to get rid of.

OK an HQ. Flying in the face of all sane interwebs advice I have bunged in a Captain on bike. Yeah, yeah I know I could do better for the points. I normally run a Libby with Jump Pack but he gets beaten up a lot, the lack of an invulnerable save and only 2 wounds leaves him very vulnerable and thats a VP loser in 6th with the new secondary objectives. The Captain is T5 and has a 3+/4+ so hopefully will stick around longer and with his power sword with 5 I5 Str 5* attacks on the charge can beat up chumps (anything harder wil face the ire of Corbulo and the Haminators). 

Plus he fits the theme...bikes 

Next up lets add in the bikes; 2 squads of 5 Bikes + Attack Bike. The first squad ride with the Captain and have 2 flamers (by now you should have realised this blog is not going to be a contender with "Yes the Truth Hurts" ;0), the Sgt is rocking a power fist and lets tag on a MM AB. Their role is to ride up (pop a vehicle on the way if possible) flame on and get an assault in. A Sanguinary Priest on a bike with a Lightning Claw provides a fnp/*furious charge bubble and gives them a bit more punch.

2nd Bike squad has a supporting fire role with 2 PG (hanging in the fnp bubble), AB with MM and naked Sgt with Melta Bombs (with the Armour Bane buff Melta Bombs got in 6th they seem like a no brainer for 5pts).

Behind the bikes come the 2 Assault Squads, 1 squad with flamers and Power Fist the other with Melta's. Can I keep these in the fnp bubble as well?

Finally there is a squad of scouts for camping out on an objective or perhaps infiltrating into the opponents deployment zone for a line breaker VP.

Options, perhaps break the attack bikes off into their own squad for tank hunting?


Heavy Support: Stormraven Gunship 
Elite: Terminator Assault Squad 4XTHSS 1XLC
Elite: 1 Brother Corbulo
HQ: Captain, Melta Bombs, Power Sword Space Marine Bike
Elite: 1 Sanguinary Priest, Space Marine Bike, Lightning Claw
Fast Attack: Bike Squad 4 Bikes, Plasmagun x2, 1 Attack Bike, Multi-Melta,1 Sergeant Melta Bombs
Fast Attack: Bike Squad 4 Bikes, Flamer x2, 1 Attack Bike, Multi-Melta, 1 Sergeant, Power Fist 
Troops: Assault Squad , Meltagun x2, 1 Sergeant, Melta Bombs
Troops: Assault Squad, Flamer x2,1 Sergeant,  Melta Bombs , Power Fist
Troops: Scout Squad Sniper Rifles

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