Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blood Angels Vs Vanilla Marines 1750

I had a top game against James at Sons of War tonight, really nice bloke, recommend getting a game in with him if you get the chance. He plays very similarly to us, takes models because he likes them but still tries to put a competitive list together.

Pretty much all my units contributed to the KP total so really happy with the list, same list that beat Ed and Mick (see previous bat rep vs Crons). Dev's killed a Rhino and obliterated opposing Devs with 22 Frag hits, Tacs finished off  the Land Raider and Sternguard, Storm Raven put another HP on the Land Raider, killed 3 scouts and dropped off the Assault Terminators who did a number on Scouts, Tellion and Libby, Assault Marines Sang. Priest and Reclusiarch went through 2 tactical squads, put a HP on the Land Raider and were in assault with the Techmarine when we called it turn 5.

Beat him 10KP to 2 with some great armor/fnp saves and bounding assaults. I had lost a fair amount of stuff but he couldn't manage to finish off my units.  He also had a very poor 2nd turn of shooting which allowed me to ride my luck and kept my assault marines in the fight. If he'd had a better turn then he could have reaped 5 KP from my Reclusiarh (+slay the warlord) Assault marine squad, Sanguinary Priest and First Blood. I managed to pick up all 3 Secondary objectives which helped make the score look so uneven.

Things I learnt; Divination has some great powers, James used his Epistolary well giving rerolls to hit and 4+ inv saves. Also 10 Sternguard with 2 attacks a piece and the inv save are a tough nut to crack, they managed to kill my Sanguinary guard, although I managed to whittle them enough to take them out of contention.

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