Monday, 6 August 2012

Have minis, will travel or the Sons of War Club and Storage

I play every week (well most weeks) at the Sons of War (SOW) club in Cambridge I used to just play with a group of mates round each others houses but since most of us have kids now and it's harder almost impossible to schedule games at weekends it's much easier to show up at the club on Wednesday and know that we can all get a game in (they have 7 tables out). Plus they are a nice bunch of chaps down the club and it's nice to play lose against new people. Anyway my method of getting about Cambridge is a bike and I take my stuff into work so I can go straight to SOW afterwards. The addition of a Storm Raven means I'm not going to be able to fit a 1750 list into a single GW case any more so the hunt is on for a new system of transport. I'm off to tackle the confusing KR multicase site, wish me luck.

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