Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Quick update, Hobby Love..

Spent a fair part of my lunch break trying to get to grips with the KR Multicase site yesterday (eurgh it's horribly difficult), looks like if I want a double back pack with two new cases and custom trays then it's going to set me back the best part of £100. That is going on the back burner till I get paid next month. Already spent far too much what with the new 6th edition rule book and Storm Raven....

Which leads nicely into an update on Storm Raven progress and the  hobby love. The best investment this month has been a GW tank brush and the new Evil Sunz Scarlet paint (or whatever its called that replaced Blood Red). The big flat brush is perfect for vehicles and the new red paint coats brilliantly. I had already done a base coat of Mechrite red (the old foundation paint) and Blood Red with the tank brush but was amazed at how well the Evil Sunz Scarlet took to the model. The second coat was done in under 10 minutes. Pics are coming I promise!

It's Wednesday so Sons of War tonight and a rematch with Tom. I will be taking the same list I beat him with last week, as my Raven Bike list is still on the bench and I don't have an effective solution for transporting it yet. I believe Tom will be bringing Death Wing with a couple of bikes thrown in.

Will do a bat rep tomorrow.

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