Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Necrons Vs Blood Angels 1750

Micks List
Vargard Obyron
5 Pretorion Guard
Night Scythe
4 Scarab bases
Canoptek Spider
4 Canoptek Wraiths (pistols and whips)
15 Necron Warriors
5 Imortals Gaus Blasters
5 Imortals Gaus Blasters
5 Imortals Tesla Carbines
5 Imortals Tesla Carbines
Ctan Shard
Anhilation Barge

The Vargard, Wraiths, Ctan, Pretorians, Spider and Scarabs this has some hth punch!

Ds List
Reclusiarch Jump Pack
10 Assault Marines Jump Packs 2 Flamers 1Pwr Fist Storm Shield
Sanguinary Priest Jump Pack Pwr Sword

5 Sanguinary Guard Banner Power Fist

4 THSS Terminators 1 Twl LC
Storm Raven

10 Assault Marines Jump Packs 2 Melta 1Pwr Sword Melta Bombs

10 Tactical Marines Multi-Melta Plasma Gun
Sanguinary Priest

5 Devastators 4 Missile Launchers

Mission was Crusade with 3x (3VP) Objectives, I won deployment, Mick won first turn and deployed first.

 Micks right flank, loaded with the Wraiths and Ctan opposite the objective in my deployment zone.

Center of Micks battle line. The Vargard or Sir not appearing in this battle is centrally placed in the temple with his guard. Note the "Cryptek" objecive on the third floor.
Left flank 2 5 man imortal squads guard the objective in Micks deployment zone.

I set up everything on the right side of the table, plan was to stay out the way of the Ctan and Wraiths at the start of the game and overwhelm the Necron objective  on my left. Then roll up his battle line,

 Necron turn 2, the death ray slices through the lead assault unit and the tac squad behind. Good positioning, armour and FnP saves minimise BA casualties through the first two turns. The lead assault squad is charged by the scarabs but the Chaplain with his Crozius insta-killing 4 bases and the rest of the squad manage to wipe them out although it takes 2 rounds.
 View from the right flank, note the Sanguinary guard on the building top right. Banner bearer dies from a failed dangerous terrain test.
 BA turn 2, in the back ground you can see the assault squad has cleared the onjective. The Storm Raven managed to remove the death ray from the night scythe and stop it from turning on its go forcing it to go into reserves. Also took First Blood VP.

Using the sky fire objective marker in the centre the anhiliation barge puts 2 penetrating and 3 glancing hits on the Storm Raven. Boom! Wreckage falls from the sky and the Terminators each take a STR10 AP1 hit, and all pass invulnerable saves.
 BA turn 3. the Terminators charge and obliterate the Ctan for the loss of 1 model!!!

 The Chaplain leads his squad to destroy the annihilation barge which hadn't moved.

After this the Chaplain, squad and Terminators went on to kill the wraiths (who had eaten my Devs) and then   the Canoptek Spider, they were real workhorses. The other assault squad and Sanguinary guard kill off the large Necron warrior unit and 3 Immortal squad.
 End of game (Turn 5), Tacs hold objective and Line Breaker VP
 Lone Assault Marine holds center objective
Necrons hold 1 objective and line breaker.

Final score BA 8VP Vs. Necrons 4VP

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